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Welcome to Mushroom Direct, where we embrace this ancient wisdom and bring it forward into the contemporary age. Nestled in the heart of Queens, our urban farm is the beating heart of our mission. It's here that we cultivate the purest organic functional mushrooms, harnessing their powerful compounds to create health-boosting products tailored for today's lifestyle.

Perhaps you've never heard of 'functional mushrooms.' These aren't your average grocery store fungi. Rooted in natural wellness traditions dating back centuries, functional mushrooms have been long revered for their powerful health benefits. From strengthening immunity to mitigating stress and boosting cognitive functions, the scientific research on their benefits is compelling.



At Mushroom Direct, our vision is to redefine the relationship between agriculture, food, and the environment. We aim to cultivate a symbiotic cycle of growth and sustainability, where nothing is wasted and everything serves a purpose. Our goal is to nurture an ecosystem that benefits both our health and our planet, ultimately leading to a fully self-sustaining, green urban farm.

Our journey has not just been about growing mushrooms; it has been about pioneering an ecosystem that celebrates life at every stage. It's about realizing that waste is not an end, but a beginning to something new and valuable.

At Mushroom Direct, we strive for more than just sustainable agriculture; we aim for a future where every aspect of our farm contributes to a fully green, self-sustaining facility. Our story is our commitment, and our commitment is to a healthier, greener world.



More than just mushrooms; we deliver freshness, quality, and sustainability. Our collection of carefully formulated fresh mushrooms is a testament to our unwavering commitment to organic farming and eco-friendly practices.

Our offerings extend beyond the usual. We've painstakingly crafted an array of fresh, organic mushroom products designed to make the myriad benefits of these fungi accessible and convenient. Every stem and cap, fresh, dried or any other format, is a taste of our urban farm - a direct, fresh, and potent connection to the natural world.

We are not just

Mushroom Farmers!

We are custodians of health, champions of sustainable urban farming, and purveyors of nature's most powerful superfood. At Mushroom Direct, we're not just growing mushrooms; we're cultivating wellness, nourishing minds, and sowing the seeds for a healthier future.

It's not just a mushroom; it's a direct passport to better health, handpicked from our urban farm in Queens. Experience the mushroom revolution with Mushroom Direct today and savor the freshness of our farm-to-you approach.



In the bustling heart of Queens, a remarkable journey sprouted between four friends. Entrepreneurs by trade, we shared a common concern about the food we were feeding our families and the environmental impact our lifestyles had on the world around us. We yearned for a better way - a way to nourish our loved ones with quality, organic food and contribute positively to our environment.

This shared vision blossomed into Mushroom Direct. Our urban farm became a sanctuary for growing exotic, functional mushrooms, and a laboratory for implementing sustainable agricultural practices. Our mushrooms are not just grown; they are nurtured with quality, organic agricultural waste like legume hulls, tree waste, and brewers' spent grain, repurposing what others might see as waste into valuable nutrients.

yet our circular economy

Doesn't Stop There!

Post-harvest, the spent mushroom substrate, enriched with organic matter, can be upcycled to nourish worms at the rooftop of our facility, in a specialized controlled environment. These worms create castings, a potent, all-natural fertilizer for other plants, effectively converting waste into nutrient-rich soil.

In our eco-cycle, even the worms play a dual role. They provide a protein-rich feed for our farm chickens, who in turn, lay eggs and provide natural fertilizer. This waste becomes a banquet for another known value add insect, the black soldier flies, setting the stage for our biofuel production.

This circular economy model we are developing, not only produces fresh, organic mushrooms but also gives birth to biofuel, enabling us to power our farm and complete the circle of sustainability.

Join us as we continue to write our story, where every mushroom is a testament to nature's magic and mankind's responsibility towards the Earth.

Quality Guaranteed

Our array of certifications - USDA Organic, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free & Kosher, are a testament to our commitment. We guarantee that every product leaving our farm is environmentally friendly, safe, and produced with respect for nature & our love for our craft.
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